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Enhanced Healthcare Partners is a healthcare-focused private equity firm committed to partnership with family and founder run businesses.


The Enhanced Healthcare Partners team has been together since 2005, raising approximately $1 billion in committed capital. Enhanced Healthcare Partners has over 100 years of combined experience investing in healthcare companies and possess strong relationships and knowledge within the industry.

We specialize in collaborating with entrepreneurial businesses to catalyze growth and build great organizations. Enhanced Healthcare Partners employs a flexible, but disciplined investment strategy focused on value creation through organizational development, culture and growth. We seek to invest $10 to $50 million or more over the life of a portfolio company in a variety of flexible structures.


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Healthcare Focus and Experienced Team

We drive success through our dedication to healthcare and our depth of experience.


Enhanced Healthcare Partners is focused exclusively on investing in healthcare, building growth oriented business by driving clinical, strategic, technological and cultural differentiation in organizations with which we partner. The Principals at Enhanced have been investing in healthcare for over three decades, cultivating an extensive network of seasoned executives with experience across the ecosystems and notably in hospitals, managed care, information technology and pharmacy.  As a value-added partner in growth, Enhanced applies these important advantages to every investment with the ultimate goal driving best-in-class outcomes for customers of the healthcare system, the patient.


Guiding Principles


We believe in entrepreneurship

We are intensely passionate about what we do and value our team’s success ahead of individuals’.

We believe in a culture of discipline and transparency

We believe healthy disagreement and transparency leads to better decisions.

We believe in alignment of interests

We believe in creative and bold thinking to drive alignment within our firm, across our portfolio and alongside our investors.   

We believe in lifelong learning

Science shows that healthy and happy employees are the most productive, attentive and creative. We encourage continual self-improvement, and we focus actively on mentorship.

We believe in philanthropy and community

We believe that investing in local community brings us closer to things that truly matter.  We believe in being good neighbors and supporting the philanthropic passions of our employees and portfolio.     

Above all, we believe in performance

We manage the firm as responsible stewards of capital to maximize returns to shareholders.  Accountability, productivity and performance are the key pillars to our success. 


Disciplined Investment Approach

Enhanced Healthcare Partners executes a value-added investment formula in building or acquiring healthcare companies in the lower-middle market. 

Phase I: Foundation Building


The initial phase is focused on preparing the platform company for aggressive growth. We leverage our deep industry relationships to identify and retain seasoned executives to lead or augment the existing team. In partnership with our management teams, we establish a detailed strategic plan, institute best-in-class processes, and invest in strong management information systems.


Phase II: Breakout


The second phase is focused on driving growth and building critical mass by executing on the strategic plan. This typically occurs through a transformational event or series of events, which may include consummating material acquisitions, opening new facilities or locations, securing major contracts or customers, or launching new business lines.


Phase III: Value Acceleration


With all of the building blocks in place, Phase III focuses on driving accelerated value creation through aggressive organic and acquisition growth and operational excellence. 


While we are proactive in building our portfolio companies, we recognize that the process requires prudence and patience to maximize value. We conservatively use financial leverage in capitalizing portfolio companies and generally anticipate an average holding period of five years.

Flexible Investment Program

Enhanced employs a flexible and creative capital structures to its investments, with deep experience as lead investor, co-investor, control investor, and minority partner.

Investment Program



Capitalize the business to drive top line growth by opening new markets, adding technology, or hiring additional people.



Invest to build platform capabilities to drive an efficient acquisition and integration program.



Invest behind a specific thesis in healthcare, in partnership with seasoned leadership.


Capital solutions for owners of growth oriented healthcare businesses.


Investment Types



Designed to provide liquidity to selling shareholders; in most cases, key management personnel retain a significant stake to benefit from future value creation.


Growth equity

Provision of capital to fund specific initiatives such as a new facility, development of a new technology, or completion of an acquisition.


Management Buy Out

Partner to acquire a division of a larger business.