MedTest Announces the Worldwide Commercial Launch of a Comprehensive Chemistry Menu specifically Manufactured, Packaged, and Barcoded for the BioLis 24i Instrument

(Canton, Michigan)  Utilizing its high-quality Pointe Scientific product brand, MedTest has developed a full line of chemistry reagents that are manufactured and packaged in barcoded reagent containers specifically for use on the BioLis 24i Chemistry Analyzer (also known as the CLC480 or MGC 240 Chemistry Analyzer). The menu consists of 31 general chemistry assays, including specialty tests like direct Hemoglobin A1c, autoHDLTM and autoLDLTM Cholesterol, Microalbumin, and Microprotein, to name a few.

Hanjoon Ryu, CEO of MedTest, stated: “MedTest is privileged to introduce this full chemistry menu for the BioLis 24i analyzer to the worldwide market. Pointe Scientific has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing clinical chemistry reagents worldwide since 1981. Since its acquisition by MedTest, Pointe Scientific’s robust R&D program continues to focus on the continual improvement of its existing products, while introducing new products and technologies to the marketplace. The newest introduction of a fully packaged and barcoded chemistry menu specifically created for the BioLis 24i analyzer is one more example of our dedication to bringing new and economical products to the market that provide our customers with clinical, operational, and financial value.”

About MedTest: MedTest is a diagnostics company that provides automated, fast, and cost effective blood and urine testing solutions for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, drugs of abuse, pain management and wellness testing. In June 2013, MedTest acquired Pointe Scientific, a company that has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing clinical diagnostic products that include clinical chemistry reagents and instruments in the United States and internationally since 1981. In the fall of 2014, MedTest acquired Clinitox Diagnostix, a company that manufactures and supports drug confirmatory testing via Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS). In February 2017, MedTest acquired Medical Laboratory Solutions, a provider of economical reagents and controls, consumable supplies, instrument replacement parts, new and re-certified clinical laboratory equipment, as well as a wide range of cost-effective instrument service programs.

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Debbie Whitehair, MT(ASCP)SC
Vice President, Marketing

Steve Radzinski