Jeff Osborne

Prior CEO of Accumen, Board Member of SCA Pharmaceuticals

Jeff Osborne is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Accumen, which is a healthcare Performance company driving operational, clinical and data performance serving hospitals, health systems, commercial labs and payors. Accumen has delivered over $250M of cost savings to the bottom line of health systems over the past few years. Prior to joining Accumen, he was Chief Performance Officer at Accenture and responsible for the company’s disciplined approach to performance excellence and delivering client quality.  Additionally, Mr. Osborne was chief operating officer for Accenture’s Business Process Outsourcing business managing customer call centers, procurement and supply chain across multiple industries, including health administration, insurance, retail and financial services.  Before Accenture, Mr. Osborne spent 18 years in the manufacturing and aerospace industry with Honeywell, where he held multiple leadership positions in Operations, Six Sigma-Lean and Program Management.

Mr. Osborne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University.